25 weeks of pregnancy

What do you fancy? Pickled cucumber or maybe chocolate ice cream? Cravings for pregnancy it's something completely natural. There are no obstacles not to meet them with your common sense. The more that after birth I have many, wanting to return to a slim figure, will forget about all the food pleasures. An additional motivation may also be the needs of the baby, who in the first months of life often requires a very limited menu in the breastfeeding mother.


The child reminds already very slim newborn babywho doesn't let himself be forgotten. When you are active, the toddler sleeps most often, and when you want to calm down and lie quietly on the couch, it bursts all over, turns and gives you every kick.

The toddler is already a creature who reacts to any signals coming from outside. Loud music can frighten him, and a tasty dinner that you eat, prompt for fast turns, and even trigger hiccups. The toddler also has a very sensitive to the touch of the lips, the development of which is necessary to receive the senses and is the basis for breastfeeding success (more about whether breastfeeding is for you). The skin is already visibly pink. Thanks to the formation of blood vessels, it already resembles the skin of an adult in many respects.

The toddler at this stage has 22 centimeters and weighs about 700 grams. Under the baby's skin, a network of capillaries forms that fill with blood.

At the end of this week, the baby's lungs develop alveoli, which will soon take the first breath of air. However, it will be several weeks before the lungs are fully mature. At this stage, your child's nostrils also begin to open. This allows the toddler to "practice breathing".


You have often shortness of breath? No wonder, since your belly now resembles football and clearly protrudes forward, and sometimes even sideways, it compresses the diaphragm and is a growing obstacle when moving.

You can also feel numbness of the fingers and toes. All because of swelling and pressure on the nerves (read about swelling in pregnancy). What can you do in this situation? The best way is to raise your arm or leg and move your fingers.

Discuss any disturbing symptoms with your doctor on a regular basis. Don't let anything poison your thoughts during the amazing time you're in right now.

What is worth remembering?

Many people of the older generation warn against raising their hands high in pregnancy, threatening serious consequences. Most of what they say is not true (read about pregnancy myths). Despite this, due to the load on muscles, it is worth temporarily to hang the laundry or curtains to other household members.

You may feel pregnant discomfort due to excessive hair. You don't have to complain and feel uncomfortable, you can prevent it. You can shave or use depilatory creams without any contraindications. However, you must remember that your skin is more sensitive and may cause irritation and numerous allergic reactions.

From mom's diary

I feel pain on the sides of the abdomen. As if pulling and stretching. The doctor explains that it is the uterus that stretches, and the growing child begins to compress the digestive system and ribs. It's good to know that everything is fine. In a few weeks I will see that the current stretching is not so big and that it can be much worse.

My stupor (as it sounds) proceeds. Sometimes I forget what I wanted to say in the middle of a sentence. I often think about it and am absent.

My psyche gives me one more reason to wonder if I'm all right. Thoughts revolve around childbirth, but an already born child, although I am aware of it, I see through pink glasses. The toddler will be polite, sleep as long as I can read my favorite books and do everything as before. I am naive, there is nothing ...

From dad's diary

Now I know how he should react: appreciate the fact that I know better :) I finish the sentence, which she breaks in half, put my arm, give up, try to guess her desires. And she is looking with affection. He doesn't comment, he withdraws. A nice change.

However, don't let them fool you: it's not idyllic. This is my way of surviving. Because that's how pregnant women are between us ... unpredictable and cosmically ... difficult. Then I am silent and she talks and talks endlessly ...

25th week of pregnancy movie

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