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"I prefer to buy clothes for my daughter than for myself" - LIST

"I prefer to buy clothes for my daughter than for myself" - LIST

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"Sales are slowly coming to an end. Apparently, you need to quickly "get rid" of the goods stores to make room for the spring collection. There is little time, because this year the carnival is short, which is reportedly important and affects sales graphics.

For us buyers, this means big reductions - some in theory, others really.

In many children's stores you can buy clothing discounted by 50-60%, the higher one reaching up to 80% is only a lure for me, in practice in Poland it is difficult to find products discounted so significantly, but this is just a comment in the margins.

I like to hunt for promotions, because it allows me to meet my needs as a female winner, I collect clothes that "at normal prices", I would not buy and that makes me feel better.

I've been selling clothes for the next season for years.

This year, just in January, I collect winter clothes for the winter season next year. Of course, not in the size in which the daughter is currently walking, but correspondingly larger.

I already have experience, my daughter is 6 years old, so I know more what size she will wear in a year. For now, this method works, I also recommend it.

There are already summer dresses and blouses bought during the summer sale a year ago in the wardrobe.

I like this system because in this way I can buy good brands clothing, durable, nice, which I can easily sell at auction sites later. Sweatshirts, blouses, dresses and pants of good brands are sold at regular prices of lower quality. Their advantage is also that they are made in such a way from such materials that they can also serve other children and often look like new for a long time.

What I like most about sales is that I can also fulfill my aesthetic desires in terms of tuning my daughter (our only child so far). Paradoxically - I prefer to buy a nice dress for my daughter than ... myself. And when sales start - I search children's department. I start the store entrance from this department and I can't hide it.

My theory is - when you become a mom, the children's department becomes your favorite. I'm an exception? Do you have similar Greetings to all moms who like shopping, Aga. "