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No matter what they tell you, you can definitely breastfeed

No matter what they tell you, you can definitely breastfeed

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Delivery in 24 weeks of pregnancy, birth weight 890 g, long weeks in intensive care. And the fight for lactation. Successful. The story of Dominika and her son Max is an encouraging proof that no matter what they say, you can definitely breastfeed.

"At first a drop appeared, then 6 ml and slowly more and more. Dominika used an electric breast pump. He mentions that it was very difficult work. She didn't have a child in her arms, he wasn't even around. This most important natural stimulus was missing, i.e. contact with a small person. All she had was a photo of her son printed by her husband. Sitting down for download, she put them on her knees on the pillow and imagined she was holding Max. Dominika admits that it was very hard for her. I was down. It was hard to believe that it would be okay. The decision to stimulate lactation helped her deal emotionally. "

It is only fragment of the book 'Stories of breastfeeding. Breaking the barriers " published as part of the "Karm, Mamo" project, whose originator is Marianna Szymarek, a doula.

The book presents stories of women at the beginning of their motherhood and breastfeeding. It was created in parallel exhibition of beautiful photographs of the heroines of the book taken by Zofia Bobrowska. Both the book and the exhibition are available free. Authentic, extremely moving memories and experience of mothers who have won a difficult fight for lactation, are to support other mothers in case difficulties occur on the Milky Way.

The project was created thanks to the support of donors. Through the Polak Potrafi portal, they managed to collect PLN 7,570, which was fully spent on printing free copies of the book "Breastfeeding Stories" and organizing an exhibition in 14 Polish cities. Further popularization of the project will be provided by the support you provide by buying a T-shirt, nursing dress or body with the project logo. In this way you transfer PLN 10 to the second edition of the project. As a gift, donors receive a large cotton bag with a beautiful project logo.

Why is it worth supporting the project?

"Dominika also has a deep conviction that if a woman gains knowledge and tries, the vast majority of lactation errors and difficulties can be avoided or corrected. She says that their history has taught her that there are no such situations, that something is 100% lost and never succeeds. Everything is possible and everything can happen. You have to cry, but there are no situations that are crossed out. You just have to try. Our example shows that you can do a lot. "
Positive examples of successful breastfeeding fights can decide whether or not future mothers will decide to make a big effort in going straight on the milky way. Because it should not be important what they say to those who did not succeed, or those who did not even try. You can definitely feed naturally - and in any case you will not find out until you have exhausted all possibilities, including getting the right support and information. That is why the availability of this book and exhibition is so important.

Guest entry: Anna Matuszczak, Marianna Szymarek