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Syrup for children - before you buy and serve, read!

Syrup for children - before you buy and serve, read!

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When a child is sick, we want to ease his suffering. We are looking for medicines that will speed up recovery. Syrup for children is one of the more frequently chosen ones. And although most of the specifics are safe, unfortunately, every year, thousands of children go to the hospital every year because of the side effects of consuming theoretically tested medications.


The problem is that medicines prepared with children in mind are not tested on children. Their action is made on adults, and the truth is that this point is not always completed. The dose is also a problem. Too much cough or cold syrup or too long use dramatically increases the risk of side effects. Parents often use two different medicines with the same active substance, which threatens with unpleasant consequences, moreover, when the toddler suffers and time counts, maybe enough to measure out the specifics incorrectly.

Syrup for children - safe rules of administration

Syrup for children is a medicine like any other. It may seem that this is a very safe drug, in the meantime, vigilance and caution are warranted, even when prescribing over-the-counter syrups. There are no innocent medicines.

  • always measure the dose using the enclosed measuring cup, dropper,
  • pay attention to the child's weight, not age when measuring the medicine,
  • do not give medicine for cough or cold without consulting a doctor in children under 2 years old,
  • never give your child medicines for adults, even the same ones, but in the adult version,
  • if the symptoms of the disease do not improve after a few days or get worse, be sure to see a doctor.

Syrup for children - what you will find in the pharmacy

Unfortunately, children's syrup, in addition to natural active ingredients of plant origin, may contain in considerable quantities:

  • sugar,
  • preservatives, e.g. sodium benzoate, which in children with sensitive stomachs can cause a lot of confusion, some studies indicate that it can cause hyperactivity in children, may increase the symptoms of allergies and asthma,
  • dyes - beware of allergies, allergies,
  • alcohol.

Wherever you succeed, you should avoid these ingredients. If we can use a syrup for children that does not contain them, it is worth reaching for it.

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Syrup for children - the most important types

Parents usually reach for children's syrup:

  • for dry cough
  • for wet cough
  • supporting immunity.

In the cold season, there are three basic categories. Parents look for syrups of this type most often to cure cough and runny nose and prevent further infections. The wide range of the market allows you to choose the best products.

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