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Onion syrup for cough - strengthens and facilitates expectoration

Onion syrup for cough - strengthens and facilitates expectoration

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Onion syrup for coughing is a known and valued natural way, which supports the treatment of colds. It tastes better than it may seem, is simple and quick to prepare. By choosing him, we have full control over the syrup composition, we protect children from the influence of additional, unnecessary ingredients, which in the opinion of many people are responsible for allergic reactions and even lowering the child's immunity.

Onion cough syrup: ingredients

Another advantage of onion syrup is that we will need only two ingredients to prepare it:

  • white or red onion,
  • white or brown sugar or honey

Why onion It is a known ingredient supporting immunity, milder than garlic. Shows strengthening the work of the immune system, anti-inflammatory and expectorant. Besides it is natural antibiotic.

Onion syrup for coughing loosens mucus and makes expectoration easier. It works effectively and at the same time 100% safe, without any side effects.

The use of honey for coughing is also justified. In the case of dry cough, it works moisturizing and soothing for mucous membranes. Brings quick relief to a scratching, irritated throat. Honey it a natural antiviral, anti-inflammatory drug that works antifungal and strengthens immunity.

It will be useful to sugar, which will thicken the syrup on the one hand, and improve its taste on the other, and make it more acceptable to children. It can replace honey in people who do not tolerate it.

Onion syrup for cough: a recipe

How to make onion syrup?

Below is the simplest recipe for onion syrup. The same as grandmothers prepared for us!

You will need:

  • 1 red or yellow onion or 1.5 heads of garlic
  • a cup of honey or half a cup of white or brown sugar,
  • a jar in which you can make onion syrup.

Cut the onion and put a part in a jar, pour honey or pour sugar, then again put a part of the onion and cover it with honey or sugar until the ingredients run out. Cover tightly and leave for 8 to 12 hours.

After this time, the jar should be liquid - our onion cough syrup.

Onion syrup for cough: dosage

Serve a maximum of three spoons per hour for an adult, three teaspoons twice a day for a child.

Attention! Store the syrup in the refrigerator for a maximum of 2 days. After this time, prepare a fresh portion.

If your child is too small or allergic to honey, make a sugar-based syrup. Red onions for children will be more appropriate, because they have a slightly milder taste than white onions.

Are you afraid that your child will not swallow onion syrup? Bet on creativity and explain why your toddler should have a stuffy nose while eating this medicine. :)