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"Before you give your child kindergarten candy ..." LETTER

"Before you give your child kindergarten candy ..." LETTER

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"I am the mother of a little allergic person. Anyone who has a child with food intolerances in kindergarten or school knows what it means when a toddler can't eat everything and is on an elimination diet.

I know an unpleasant twist in my stomach and a lump in my throat when the staff looks at a few-year-old as a person who creates a problem with whom they do not know what to do, and at parents as for hysterical people who require superhuman effort from kindergarten staff. Sometimes, the kitchen is up to the challenge and a small allergic person can eat with peers - but let's arrange - more often it is quite different. It is the parents who bring ready meals from home, asking them, sometimes long and hard, to "heat up" them, praying that there would be no mistake, that someone would nonchalantly exchange boxes. Fear is even greater when a child is exposed to anaphylactic shock due to eating a small amount of allergen - such situations also happen ...

There are also nice moments, for example, when a parent before he buys candy for the birthday of his little birthday boy, asks the ladies in kindergarten if there are children in the group "allergic to something". Like nothing, but caring for colleagues who do not eat "everything" is like honey on the parent's heart. However, it is not the mom's or dad's allergy emotions that are the most important thing - the face of a five-year-old says the most, who jumps home and excitedly says that he got gluten-free sesame seeds or jelly beans instead of milk chocolate when he is allergic to milk.

Tears of emotion can bring simple gestures - replacing a cocoa cake with raspberry when the group has a child who is allergic to cocoa, reporting several caramels for lactose intolerant babies.

And although usually a small allergic person is prepared for such situations - he has sweets in the cabinet for such circumstances, the care on the part of the little birthday boy and his parents is special, praiseworthy and great applause.

As an allergy mother, I thank all those parents who, offered a toddler's birthday, also thought about children from the kindergarten group who are to celebrate their birthday with him. It's very encouraging. I also understand those who do not know, do not think, do not come across to ask before they bring a cake or a packet of sweets to kindergarten. I am aware that people who do not live in a world of dietary restrictions on a daily basis may not think about it. That's why I wrote this letter - because seemingly small gestures of sensitivity to the needs of the other person really enjoy. greetings Marta. "

At the end of us ...

The good news is that, contrary to the malcontents, it rarely looks exactly like the graphic above. There are usually one to five people with nutritional intolerance in a school or kindergarten group. Sometimes a little commitment is enough to buy such sweets or snacks that all children can eat. The jubilee will certainly not suffer and all the children in kindergarten will feel good.

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