Compensation for unwanted vaccination reactions will be paid by the state ...

Compensation for unwanted vaccination reactions will be paid by the state ...

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Vaccination is compulsory in Poland. Unfortunately, the system for reporting NOP (adverse vaccination reactions) has been limping for many years. Parents who have tried to report negative post-vaccination reactions at the outpatient clinic all agree that this is not easy. Any objections to vaccine activity are reluctant, and parents who try to talk about it are often ridiculed.

In Poland, there is also no system of paying compensation for families of children who have suffered after vaccination. It seems ridiculous. It is necessary to vaccinate, parents are forced to give the child a vaccine by various methods, attempts are made to impose financial penalties for not vaccinating, but when a problem arises and expensive rehabilitation is needed, suddenly the parents are left alone. They have to face the consequences of vaccination on their own, fighting for the health of the child.

Meanwhile, time has changed for our southern border. The Czech Supreme Court ruled that the financial consequences of adverse vaccination reactions should be borne by the state budget, and not by the doctor who gave the vaccine.

Earlier, the law allowed the parents of a child who had fallen ill after vaccination to seek compensation, but the doctor who gave the vaccine was liable. Consequently, he was not guilty. Usually, parents could not prove anything, because it is difficult for a doctor who is not a producer of the vaccine to be responsible for causing undesirable side effects.

In turn, the new Civil Code, which came into force in the Czech Republic last year, completely abolished the responsibility for complications after mandatory vaccination.

It will be different from the court judgment mentioned above. The Supreme Court decided that since the state legally prescribes the use of certain vaccines, it should bear the consequences of such a decision.

The Ministry of Health has accepted the court decision with relief and is already preparing the relevant regulations.

Doctors and parents are also satisfied, and finally have a guarantee that in case of health problems after the vaccination, children requiring treatment will not be left without the help of the state.