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10 ways how to care for a relationship after the birth of a child

After the birth of a child, huge changes take place in the lives of parents. There is the joy of being a parent, but also the first grinds, fatigue and lack of time just for myself. Most often it looks like this. Most of the time during the day, mom spends with the child and in the evenings is tired, dad feels moved away, neglected and forgotten. There is also a crisis in the bedroom, which usually gets worse. How to avoid misunderstandings and crisis days? It's best to take care of the relationship, especially when the child appears. How?
Here are 10 ways

1. Get ready to live in three

Before giving birth, it's best to talk to your partner about our expectations and concerns that are associated with the baby's appearance. Determine what duties my father will have. Enjoy your pregnancy together, let your dad participate in medical check-ups, choose a layette to make him feel important and necessary.

2. Don't move your partner away from childcare

After giving birth, many mothers do not allow fathers to look after children after giving birth. While dads deal with the care and care of a newborn baby as well as mothers. Let dad change his diaper, take the baby, take him for a walk. Even if it does it differently from us, let's not criticize or judge.

3. Help to care for the child

A woman after childbirth is often very weak, sleepless, which is why she needs rest. Dad should make sure that mom can regenerate strength and actively participate in childcare. The role of both parents is to care for the toddler, while often dads run away from their duties, often not realizing that being around the child can be really enjoyable for them.

4. Enjoy parenting together

With a small child it is hard to take a break and time only for the two of us. That's why you have to use every possible moment to be with each other. It is good to organize childcare to do it together: walk, bath, feeding. In this way, you can easily be with each other and talk about bothering problems.