When the breast serves as a pacifier ...

When the breast serves as a pacifier ...

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Once the pacifier was simply served and hardly anyone wondered if it could be different. Today, when feeding on demand is propagated, many parents decide on non-teat upbringing, i.e. they do not reach for the most popular baby comforter, dealing in a different way.

Sometimes, breastfeeding is often a compensation for the lack of a pacifier. Breasts naturally become not only a source of food, but also a way to calm down. When the balance is maintained, everything seems fine. It is worse when feeding the breast as a brilliant silencer becomes a habit. It happens, especially with strong suction instinct, that such action quickly takes revenge. And then it is not very clear how to give up the habit of becoming: longer crying: breast.

Most often the following problems appear.

Just mom

Some they like to be irreplaceable. It's so human: the feeling that only we can do something, that our role is unique. It's a feeling that allows compensate for all the hardships of early motherhood, build ego and make sure that the fate of a small person depends only "on me".

However, sometimes such constant readiness and lack of breast replacement can be tiring. There are women who, over time, loudly admit that they made a mistake, because when the first fatigue passes, the need to go to bed with the baby and sleep with him (because the baby often wakes up and looks for the breast), it starts to disturb.

Of course, this is an extreme scenario that does not always happen. But often enough to talk about him.

How to avoid this situation? If you do not want to give a dragon, beware of the temptation to quickly calm the baby next to the breast. It's good to try other methods: rocking, carrying, hugging, stroking. Let laying not only mum (because it is faster), but also dad or grandmother, which will help to avoid frequent problems in the category: the baby falls asleep only at the breast.


A common problem for mothers calming an infant with breasts is downpouring and even vomiting of the toddler. A child who is lying for a long time at the breast and this happens often may have a problem with full tummy and forced emptying of its contents.