Healthy chocolate - is it possible?

Healthy chocolate - is it possible?

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Probably everyone likes sweets - some reach for them from time to time, others would eat them every day, on every occasion.

If there is someone among us who doesn't really like them, please signal in the commentary below this entry. We are happy to ask how it is possible ...;)

But to the point.

As parents, we may have trouble buying good sweets. Many wonder if it is possible, or if ready sweets can have an acceptable composition? Most of them are just sugar in various forms, milk powder (i.e. a highly processed product) and a whole list of the famous "E", which is responsible for the mass of side effects - including hyperactivity and changes in behavior.

Finished products include worse and better ones. When we are aware of it and when we care about health and well-being, it is worth choosing products with a thoughtful composition and the best possible impact on health. And this fact inspired us to prepare this competition together with the producer of real chocolates and Cocoa coated products.

Competition task

Send a dessert recipe to the whole family, to prepare which you will need dark chocolate to the address [email protected] in the title "raw chocolate". Don't forget to sign with your name.


Three people win in the competition.

Brazil nuts in raw chocolate

Each prize is 4 bars of real chocolate +4 selected Surovital coated products.

Duration of the competition

The competition runs from January 29 to February 13, 2015

The competition results will be announced by February 17, 2015.

Bananas in raw chocolate

About the prizes

Chocolates and coated Cocoa products are products made by hand from raw, unprocessed chocolate made from natural, ecological ingredients. Chocolate is made from unroasted grain, thanks to which it is rich in magnesium, potassium, phosphorus and iron. All these ingredients in raw chocolate are available in a much higher concentration than in mass-produced chocolate.

Raw Cocoa chocolate is made in a small workshop, covered by a system of control and certification in organic farming. All raw materials used by the producer come directly from farmers or agricultural cooperatives engaged in organic farming confirmed by numerous certificates, including organic farming certificates awarded by the European Union.

Cocoa products do not contain preservatives.

Detailed regulations are available here.

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