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Injuries caused to children by accident by parents

Injuries caused to children by accident by parents

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No parent wants to hurt a child. Unfortunately, accidental injuries sometimes occur. Often due to lack of knowledge or caution. It is good to be vigilant and humble, because prevention is always better than cure.

Here is a short guide - a must read for every parent.

Intense swinging in the pram

Some children like intense rocking. However, beware! It can be harmful. Have you heard of shaken baby syndrome?

Rapid movements of the child's head can permanently damage his brain and delay development or cause the child to develop incorrectly and the changes do not reverse.

Dynamic tossing of the child as a form of play

Strong overloads can negatively affect the child's development, leading to strokes, internal bleeding and spinal cord damage.

Jumping between parents and pulling up the hand

Mum, dad and a child between them, fun. The toddler is lifted up, held by his parents' hands. Usually, such entertainment does not have any negative effects, but sometimes there are unfortunate accidents: ligament damage or rupture, dislocation of joints. Pull-ups can have similar effects.

To protect yourself from the effects of such fun, it is worth securing the child's hand under the forage.

It is not difficult for an injury. Sometimes it's better to play more carefully and safely.