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The child has no appetite? Well, Apetizer or Growan

There is a view that a healthy child eats exactly as much as he needs. The key word in this sentence is "healthy".

And here is the problem, the inflammatory plane on which pharmaceutical companies feed - can a child really know how much to eat? What if it's not healthy? If something bothers him in proper nutrition? It's me or my dad, I have to help him, right?

It is widely known that producers of all kinds of medicines feed on parents' fears. And so they create tablets for everything. If the child does not eat as much as the parents think the toddler should do, then the tablet. Just in case. To get the goal.

How will it get hungry?

The child's appetite is an individual matter, controlled by hormones.

Unfortunately, there is often an appetite also controlled by diseases, e.g:

  • worms, especially roundwormsthat reduces appetite - the only way to deal with the problem is to do tests and remove the parasite,
  • celiac disease - celiac disease, sometimes the child has unrecognized gluten intolerance and approaches eating with caution, because he associates a meal with stomachache.

A small appetite of a child can be caused by the parent's attitude. Yes Yes… .

Baby fast he senses stress during meals and refuses to eat because he associates them with coercion, something unpleasant. Over time, he begins to rebel and does not do what parents care about most. This is a natural stage of development, not a reaction aimed at mom and dad.

Dietary supplement, or what?

It is worth realizing what a dietary supplement really is. This is not a drug that is marketed after a series of clinical trials, which has serious consequences and is worth knowing about it. More.

In addition, it's hard to deny that eating supplements from a young age is worrying. How to refute the accusations of opponents of such activities, claiming that pharmaceutical companies simply profitable to create an army of consumers from an early age?

What instead of syrup for Apetizer appetite and for growing - Growth?

Instead of giving the dietary supplement for appetite or "fast growing" instead of thoughtless and just in case, it is good to consult a pediatrician, checking that the child is developing properly - he is growing, gaining weight, reaching subsequent stages in a certain time.

If it turns out that your toddler is healthy, it's worth it focus on food quality not quantity. Let's try to give good quality food at constant times, without stress or tension. Let's involve children in preparing a meal, suggest that your child compose a meal himself, for example by drawing it on a paper plate or sticking it, using drawings in promotional brochures. Let's show our own example that a meal is a nice time for a family when nobody is in a hurry or upset.

It is worth remembering that children have stages of non-eating. They are 100% natural and should not bother you.

Practical advice from mothers are worth trying:

  • reduce the portion on the plate so that they do not overwhelm the toddler and in this way make it easier for the child to eat everything and ask for additional
  • serve colorful, varied meals,
  • let the child help in the kitchen
  • talk about healthy eating
  • read therapeutic fables with food in the background,
  • do not give the child "what he likes, just ate something",
  • Poland is the only country in Europe where ads for drugs and dietary supplements are allowed - for consideration.

Before giving your child any preparation, it is worth consulting with a pediatrician whom we trust. Let's check the basic results, assess the child's height and weight on percentile grids, monitor these changes and ... do not worry about the supply.