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Baby acne, or baby's skin problems

Baby acne, or baby's skin problems

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The face of a newborn baby, which is associated with smooth skin like velvet, is not always perfect. Sometimes pimples appear on it, which cause surprise and even anxiety. Then we - parents wonder what the reason may be and when the unsightly changes disappear. This was also the case in our case. We started our adventure with baby acne when our son was about four weeks old.

Initially, pimples appeared on the cheeks, then on the eyebrows and forehead. Rather, we ruled out allergies, because the son was breastfed, and I was very careful about what I eat. At the visit to the pediatrician for the first time we heard that it was ... acne. We were surprised. Questions: "but how? With such a small child? "- they appeared on their own.

Only later I read that this type of ailment most often appear 3-4 weeks after birth and affect about 20% of newborns. Usually boys suffer from baby acne. The reason is the hormones that the mother sends into the baby's bloodstream in the last months of pregnancy, and which also get there later during breastfeeding.

Baby acne is placed only on the face (cheeks, forehead, nose) and usually disappears after a few weeks. It can take the form of red pimples, blackheads and even abscesses.

The pediatrician did not prescribe anything to us. She said that will pass by itselfbecause my son is too small for any medicine.
What have we done? We tried don't overheat son (warms up acne), we cleaned the face with cotton pads soaked in boiled water, dripped in starch. After a week, the son's condition worsened, in addition to red pimples, purulent pimples appeared, the skin on the cheeks was cracked and wounds appeared.

At the next visit to the pediatrician, we heard that However, it is easy to get rid of acne. The doctor prescribed Elocom ointment for us, thanks to which after three days the acne disappeared as if it never was. We were glad that it passed so quickly and most importantly there were no scars.

They appeared occasionally few blemishes, but after applying the ointment the next day there was no trace of them. However, until. After a few days, the pimples began to appear again and again, and the ointment prescribed by the doctor stopped working.

We went to the pediatrician who prescribed us again the same ointment and drops for allergies, because she decided that the facial changes were allergic. After a month of treatment, there were no results, and the son's purulent pimples again appeared on the cheeks and dilated capillaries.

I read the leaflet from the doctor's ointment: "Do not use on children under 2 years old and no more than a month". I used the ointment from the age of 6 weeks with my son until the end of the year. I decided to go on consultation with a dermatologist. The doctor immediately prepared a reprimand for me and would most likely punish me with all the tools of torture that I did not read leaflets - the ointment prescribed by a pediatrician turned out to be a strong steroid that caused my son to have post-steroid acne.

Steroid acne actually looked the same as acne acne. The only difference is that in the case of the post-steroid variety, the skin no longer reacts to any ointments.

Dermatologist prescribed us another ointment, allergy syrup (because the changes also looked allergic) and recommended a special diet (avoiding chocolate, citrus, hot dishes). She also recommended to take care of the baby's face hygiene. She also admitted that acne and allergies would be difficult to treat, and the entire treatment could take several years.

From now on my son was on a diet, he was drinking syrup, however, we gave up one ointment (Metronidazole), because after applying one of them the skin was very red. We started washing our son only in emollients with the addition of boiled water, no tap water, we also used emollients for bathing and skin moisturizing (Emolium). Initially, there was no difference, but after a month of following the dermatologist's recommendations, positive effects appeared. The pimples actually disappeared. Today, they appear sporadically when the son eats something that sensitizes him. In contrast, the cheeks turn red when the home is too warm (they hide a blush due to dilated capillaries).

Today, the son is 1, 5 years old, he is under constant dermatologist care, we use emollients and mild ointments (made to order) for care, if needed. We make sure that the face is always well moisturized, lubricated with cream several times a day, so that pimples appear really sporadically. Actually I managed to overcome acne. Let's just not return again during the adolescence of my son ...

In summary, how to help a child with acne:

  1. Use gentle emollients to wash your face - forget about chamomile or soap.
  2. Moisturize your face as often as possible (moisturizing creams will be the best, those with oily texture may worsen the condition of the skin).
  3. Do not use too many cosmetics for skin care, let it be one cream and not several preparations from different companies.
  4. Under no circumstances do you squeeze out the pimples, because you can lead to a bacterial infection.
  5. Do not overheat the child, because the heat increases sebum production by the sebaceous glands, which in turn contributes to the formation of pustules.
  6. You can try using a mild zinc ointment, e.g. Sudocrem, to accelerate the healing of breakouts

Last but not least: if you are unsure what pimples appear on your child's face, consult the pediatrician, and if in doubt, go to a dermatologist right away (no special referral is needed).