Academy of Mind JUNIOR SPRING

Academy of Mind JUNIOR SPRING

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Academy of Mind JUNIOR - Memory and Concentration is specially developed a set of games that develop memory, support concentration and stimulate the imagination of children aged 5-9. Each of the four programs contains as many as 20 exercises with many levels of difficulty that stimulate children's intellectual and cognitive development. So far, three parts have appeared, which are related to the seasons: Winter, Summer, Autumn.
In the latest, fourth part of the Mind Academy JUNIOR - Spring, closing the Season series, children will find new, effective educational exercises related to spring activities and Easter customs, e.g. recognizing bird silhouettes, waking up winter sleep animals, recognizing species of animals protected in Poland, drowning Marzanna or looking for Easter eggs hidden in the garden. Using the program is combination of fun and learning. Children do not so much train their memory and concentration of attention, but above all they have a great time.

Exercises vary in difficulty, which means that the program will not get bored within a few hours and can be used by children of all ages. The series is even designed for children who cannot read, and all thanks to the helpful, nice Tabi board, which is a child's friend and guide in the program. Tabi translates the instructions in a cheerful and trusting voice, and enthusiastically encourages children to face difficulties and praises achievements.

After the correct performance of several tasks follows promotion to a higher level. Additional motivation for children are surprises included in the programs, which are a reward for the correct performance of the entire exercise.
Another attraction of the program is movement exercises, during which the child can relax from intellectual activity and oxygenate the brain and meet the natural need for movement at this age.

JUNIOR Academy of Mind series was awarded in the 10th edition of the "Child Friendly World" competition organized by the Committee for the Protection of Children's Rights.

Selected exercises:
Meet the animals protected in Poland.
Remember them and when they show up, take a picture of them.
Exercise not only strengthens the child's memory and trains his reflexes, but also acquainted with protected species
in Poland.

On the table halves of Easter eggs have fallen apart.
Combine them, taking care of the differences in patterns, and leave those without a pair.
Exercise teaches children to concentrate on the task and notice small differences in the presented elements.

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Manufacturer: Biuro Informatyki Stosowanej FORMAT
Suggested price: 39.90 PLN
More on: akademia-umyslu.pl

In connection with the premiere of the SPRING part, the manufacturer has provided a SPECIAL PROMOTION:

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The promotion runs from 21-24.03.2013