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Child and bike - some important tips

Child and bike - some important tips

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Dear parents, have you ever thought about buying a bicycle for your child? If not, the best time is ahead. Everything indicates that the weather in May will be great, so it's a shame to take away the children especially now the pleasure of moving on two-wheelers.

Learned by experience, I will provide you with some valuable information regarding the purchase of this first, important bike and driving lessons.

The first real bike

Probably your child has already had contact with any vehicle. Perhaps it was a three-wheeled bicycle, which was more driven by your strength than the work of your child's feet, or it could have been a colorful toy car that the child could get in and pushing the legs away from the ground, covered the next meters.
It is a bit different with a bicycle. Both you, your parents and your children must be properly prepared for the challenges you face.

Some tips on how to choose a bike for your child

  • choosing a two-wheeled vehicle for a child, we never buy it "exaggerated", but "for now",
  • the little cyclist should be able to sit freely on the saddle, reach with his whole feet to the ground,
  • the height of the steering wheel may not be longer than the line of arms of your child,
  • for a small child, a pedal-braked bike will be more comfortable than hand brakes,
  • remembering about the safety of our child, we must pay attention to whether the bike is fully functional
  • if we are considering choosing a used bike and its components are covered in rust, let's just let it go
  • We retain warranty and purchase receipt after purchase

When we buy a safe two-wheeler, we must remember about its maintenance and possible repairs during use. If the bike turns out to be defective, don't hesitate to return it to the store and exchange it for another one. It is about the safety of our child, so we must provide him with the safest fun possible.

Some advice for the first ride

Now I will give you some advice that your driving lessons will be successful and, above all, successful fun:

  • on a three-wheeled bicycle a child begins to ride at the age of 2-3 years to learn to ride
  • on a two-wheeled bike (with belaying side wheels) the best period is
  • from four to six years old
  • remember that a child must be mature not only mentally but also physically,
  • so that it can maintain balance and pedal freely
  • In addition to wheels, when learning to ride, we can help with the handle, which we can attach to the bike and in this way we can also surround the child with greater security
  • Before riding, it is worth equipping our child with a protective helmet, which also adjusts to the shape of the head, so that it is the perfect protection against head injuries for our toddler
  • in addition to a helmet, we can also think about special elbow and knee pads, as well as "gloves", remember that these elements must also be adapted to the age and dimensions of the child
  • safety rules say that a child should ride on a bicycle only on sidewalks and bicycle paths, never on the road where cars are moving, so we take the toddler to a safe place
  • for the first rides we take our little student to routes where the child will be able to ride freely, there will be no "big" cycling or walking, I will not mention car!
  • we remember that driving lessons must be under the guidance of an adult
  • before we start teaching a child to ride, we must first explain the individual elements of the bicycle to him and explain how to use this colorful vehicle in a calm voice and accessible language
  • we try to calmly accept the situation when our little student stares once again and loses control of the wheel, we remember that this is also a great experience for him
  • while teaching a child, we try to devote as much patience and attention to him as possible,
  • we don't shout if he falls (don't show bad emotions), on the contrary we help him overcome his fear of another fall
  • if the child does not feel confident on the bicycle, then we do not force him to ride, exercise and try, it may discourage the toddler and frighten him more than provide him with interesting and new experiences

If we follow these few points, our daughter or son should instantly turn from a student into a professional! :)

Good luck!