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Where would you take your child if you were not limited by money and time?

You sent us very interesting answers ... It was nice to read.

In accordance with the regulations, we decided to award two people:

"Grandma has a book on the segment. Big, hardback, it looks new, though it has been viewed thousands of times. Once through little Magda, or me, now through little Magda and little Martynka, that is mother and daughter :-) This book is "Wonders of the World". It is not only beautifully published, but above all ... amazingly stimulates the imagination!

All the amazing buildings and stories that are associated with them - ruins, palaces, monasteries, castles ... If time and finance did not limit us, I would take this album off the shelf and treat it as a map of our journey. It would last long enough for us to see the Taj Mahal, the Sydney Opera House or the Pyramids.

I think that such a journey for centuries would give us more than dozens of programs watched on TV, or hundreds of books read! We would carefully remove every point from the list ... and if they were over, I would take my daughter somewhere for hot cocoa and ask if she would like the Miracles of Nature in addition to Building Wonders! Another lesson, this time not of history and architecture, but of natural beauty - water, greenery, forests, endless landscapes ... Oh, you can always dream ;-) ”
Magda Sewastianowicz

"My choice of travel with a child fell on ... Morocco, because this country would enchant us with a reflection of the infernal power of colors, delight with the heavenly serenity of nature, intrigued by the supernatural power of human characters, seduced by the oriental wonder of aromatic spices, enslaved by the aura of mysterious flavors and showed how wonderfully it can radiate with emanating splendor simplicity ... "
Grażyna Cetnarowska

Each of the above persons receives a set of:

  • Lilla Lou TravelLilla Lou Travel limited edition,
  • Lilla Lou Make-up
  • Lilla Lou Fashion
  • Lilla Lou Pin-up.