Gumigem - jewelry for mum and baby teethers

Gumigem - jewelry for mum and baby teethers

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The baby's mother often gives up jewelry. Beads, long earrings or bracelets become too interesting for a toddler who catches them, tries to taste, or takes a closer look at them.

If a young mother wears classic jewelry, there is a risk of damage. In addition, it can be much more serious to choke a detached element. Not to mention the fact that no one probably wants the baby to chew or lick golden, silver or felt decorations.

No jewelry?

So should you forget to wear jewelry for the first months? Fortunately not. Can be chosen interesting bracelets or necklaces that act as teethers, and in addition, they can be treated as an original decoration. They will be invaluable in during teething, when the toddler is looking for ways to soothe the pain and itching associated with erupting teeth.

For teething babies

To this end, filling the gap in the market, the Gumigem brand was created, known all over the world: popular among others in the USA, Australia, Scandinavia, UK, Singapore. The products include corals, necklaces and bracelets: in various colors and designs.

Test results

It was sent to the editor's address green bracelet and red heart suspended on a black string with a practical closure.

Already after the first touch, it turns out that the decorations giving the impression of "hard" are flexible, you can easily bend them in any directionand they return to their original shape. They are warm and held in the hand, made of interesting, slightly shiny material - silicone. The silicone used to make the bracelet fits well on the hand, does not slip off it, because it "cooperates" with the body's natural temperature.

What is the most important person? Little Tester is surprised at first ... but after a while the form and, above all, the color attract her looks. Curiously, he reaches for the pendant with his small hands and of course pushes him ... into his mouth. Initially confused that she could bite something completely new, then clearly satisfied.

Teethers are easy to wash. Even sharp teeth do not leave a trace on them;) You can count on serving them for several generations and checking out hand to hand.

How are the prices? The pendant costs 60 zlotys and the bracelet 43 zlotys. This is not enough, especially in the first months of considerable expenditure. That is why it is worth giving someone who needs an idea about buying Gumigem teethers as a gift for a young mother.