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9 ways to save on a child

9 ways to save on a child

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You can never have too much money, and the more you have, the more your needs grow. Also, when a child arrives at home, expenses surprise every parent. Nappies, clothes, a stroller, a cot, cosmetics, medicines are just the beginning of a long list of things needed for a child. Expenses become colossal, but there are ways to minimize them.

It is true that you should not save on children, but if we introduce certain restrictions, not only will you manage to save a few extra zlotys, but we will also teach the child savings. In addition, for the money saved, you can go on a vacation for several days, buy a dream bike, buy a swimming pool pass, or even put aside for your child's future deposit. Worth it? It seems so ...


Children's clothes are very expensive, sometimes the price exceeds the amount for adult clothes. Therefore, if we want to save a lot, it is best to buy children's clothes in second-hand stores. Clothes in so-called "Ciucholandach" are much cheaper and you can "look out" in them real gems. Children usually do not manage to destroy the clothes, so often clothes in clothes are undamaged, sometimes new (with tags) of very good foreign brands, so we are sure that the material from which they were made is usually pure cotton. It should be remembered, however, that clothes bought in the lumpex should always be thoroughly washed before putting on the child.


Online auctions, online stores are places where you can buy things at prices much lower than in stationary stores. At online auctions you can find both new and used items, buy clothes, a pram or toys, which will save you a few zlotys without leaving your home. Online stores often tempt with promotions and discounts for online customers, sometimes for subscribing to the newsletter you can get a discount of several percent, which will allow you to buy things at a much lower price.
It is also worth following online forums for parents and asking where you can buy products for children cheaper or buy things from other children who have already grown up from some, and which may be useful to us.

3. Large packaging

Diapers, handkerchiefs, butt cream are things that are used most often in large quantities with a child. Therefore, if we already buy them, it is best to choose "bigpacks", which hide several smaller packages, it will save a few zlotys, and also time for further purchases. Often stores also offer cheaper clothes in this way when they are combined into several pieces, e.g. two T-shirts for PLN 29.99. When buying milk, cosmetics and ready-made meals "in stock", it's best to check the expiration date first, so you don't throw anything away.