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Fairytale London!

Fairytale London!

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Travel educates. Play. They let you have a good time. We all know that. However, when we start planning a longer trip with a child or children, the trouble often begins: where to go so that it is interesting, original and that at the same time you can learn something? What to do if you do not want a lazy vacation at the seaside "all inclusive"?

This question was decided by Sabina Kasoń, who enchanted us with her project: Project London 2014. Sabina and her family decided to create an interactive guide in the footsteps of Paddington Bear, Harry Potter, Mary Poppins, Peter Pan, 101 Dalmatians and Sherlock Holmes. In this way, a guide is to be created that is accessible to everyone - online. A collection of advice, suggestions and interesting extras: for kids to use during the journey.

Mrs. Sabina with the family

Is it creative? It is, and it is noteworthy, the involvement of the whole family in fulfilling their dreams and implementing the plan. For three years, three small travelers and their parents have been collecting materials in large binders and are planning a tour. All this to break the paths, reach new places and invite more people to visit them.

Do you want to support this project? You can spend at least one zloty or a little more and receive a card made by children from travel, a handmade bracelet or a mascot. Details here.