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"Hipacy wants to fall in love"

"Hipacy wants to fall in love"

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Hipacy's cat is trying to find love ... Looking for her, he makes a blunder behind a blunder. Despite this, he doesn't give up, he tries many ways that many adults would not be ashamed of. He doesn't want to be lonely anymore and is very determined to have someone else, someone close to his heart, with whom he could build the future. Is he succeeding? Does his image coincide with reality? Does he recognize the love of his life?

This short charming story has its own atmosphere. Its author Katarzyna Ziemnicka, through words, provides important information, somewhere between the lines, giving a lesson that it's worth being yourself and lying and not misleading someone does not pay off. He gives important information to all children that everyone is different, but this is no reason to pretend.

Noteworthy is a great illustration of Marta Kurczewska.

I really like books like that. I would recommend!

Thank you to the Literature Publishing House for providing a review copy of the book.