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The child wants to be still on his hands? Raaatunku?

The child wants to be still on his hands? Raaatunku?

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You don't need to take a magnifying glass to notice a problem that starts many threads in parents' forums.

Desperate mothers (I have not found a similar statement by my father) very often ask for advice, complaining that their child wants to be still on their hands. It is hard, uncomfortable for them, it is difficult to do anything else, and the duties call.

Next to them are also parents who emphasize that the most important is "prevention", which allows you to prevent subsequent "forcing" wearing. They refer to the well-known phrase "don't wear it, because it will get used to it".

How do you use common sense in this topic?

Wear or not wear?

A young parent has many options. The two most extreme are as follows.

  • always and everywhere: to buy a scarf, wear it and use it most of the day, at home, on a walk, with friends. The advantage is the ability to perform many activities during which "the child does not bother us." We feel mobile and independent. The downside is the lack of freedom, especially for parents who like loneliness and comfort of movement. There is nothing to hide that visits to the toilet with a baby in a sling may not be comfortable. Parents who do not support this way of care advise against this solution, simply summarizing: "you will not have life."
  • do not wear: that is, avoid wearing it from the very beginning. Instead of a sling, choose a cot, deckchair and consistently put the baby away in a chosen place, give a teat, diaper, hug, but without wearing, stroking the head, back ... The plus is that the child gets used to certain sleep patterns quite quickly: wearable because it quickly learns to calm down in a different way. However, there is also a minus: children just need to be worn and if the parent does not replace it with a rocking (e.g. in a cradle, on their arms, in a rocking chair), it can have a negative impact on the development of the baby. In addition, the possibility of holding a sleeping baby in your arms is such a beautiful feeling that it's a shame to pick it up ...

Of course, in addition to these two extreme models, there are many intermediate ones. You can carry a child (but not passionately throughout the day) and listen to your intuition by trying different methods of soothing crying.