I'm not breastfeeding. I am tormented.

I'm not breastfeeding. I am tormented.

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Breastfeeding is a beautiful gift we can give a baby. Unfortunately, Mother Nature is not fair. He issues various bills to women. One makes you pay dearly for the possibility of natural feeding, and winks at others, turning a blind eye to all shortcomings and sins.

To put it differently: you can be lucky or ... unlucky and breastfeed lightly and almost without sacrifices, or starve yourself by refusing almost everything ... Is there a single and universal measure for "mothers of Poland"? Do we even have the right to criticize the one that failed and after two months of a very restrictive diet gave up?

Two mothers

Let's look at two situations. The First Mother breast-feeds the baby from the beginning without major problems. There are no problems with attaching to the breast, there is no stagnation, pain, injured nipples. Little changes in the diet. She eats the same as during pregnancy. He points out that it would be healthier, but without exaggeration: he does not deny himself small pleasures: pizza, ice cream, local meals away. He eats everything: from fried to heavily spiced, sweet, not excluding the most important allergens: cocoa, citrus, silage, dairy products. He also loves theoretically forbidden snacks from time to time: jellies, drops, chips, colored drinks. The child has no colic, no stomach aches, it does not rainstorm, it is sometimes whining, but he is a child. One would like to say lucky.

And now the second mother. Feeding after a difficult delivery road of torment. Mother has a problem because Nature gave her such breasts and nipples that make feeding difficult. Nobody told her that having concave warts she should prepare for lactation. In the hospital, the husband hurls up his hoods, but the child hardly sucks. Mother doesn't give up. He knows how important breastfeeding is.

Problems with feeding affect the infant's behavior. The child is irritable, cannot eat, and the breasts are stimulated but not emptied, they are full of milk, stagnation, tumors appear ... Midwives in the hospital spread their hands. They make teeth clench and feed.

Mother doesn't give up. When the situation finally gets under way, another problem. At 5 weeks of age, a rash appears on the baby's skin. Small red pimples that dry out create fiery spots. Initially, when the skin condition is not bad, doctors suggest acne acne.

Unfortunately, when the changes do not pass after the third month of life and spread throughout the body, this is the word that the second mother did not want to hear: "allergy". And right after him "please eliminate all potential allergens".


The mother does not eat beloved chocolate, then excludes cocoa and all products with this ingredient, reads the labels carefully, knows that cocoa can be found even in bread. When it does not help, it gives up all ready juices, colorful drinks, sweetened flavored waters.

Then he reads that he may sensitize tomato, pepper, chemically lettuce, removes them from the diet. He starts going to the organic store, where he buys potatoes and carrots.

Pimples, though fewer, still appear. When a friend in the store says that nothing is safe, even a carrot and an apple, the second mother begins to torment. Her milk is bad for the baby.

The pediatrician, when he sees a sad face and the baby does not fit properly, tells him to feed, and wean him best. The second mother is silent. The doctor issues a prescription for Bebilon Pepti ...

When the second mother returns home, she finds strength, reads the stories of other mothers who nevertheless fed. I don't give up. However, when the changes on the skin intensify, he decides to eliminate further products from the diet, discontinues: dairy products, wheat, goes on a very restrictive diet. She goes hungry, tired and frustrated all the time. It was supposed to be so beautiful…

Mother on elimination diet

The forums do not lack mothers who feed on a very restrictive elimination diet. Complainants on:

  • lack of strength,
  • depression thoughts
  • hair loss,
  • sight impairment
  • dry skin
  • brittle nails
  • dramatic weight loss.

In a normal situation, a woman would change her menu, take care of herself and her child. But they tell you to feed. Mothers are to sacrifice. So she suffers.