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We celebrate the 2nd birthday of sosrodzice.pl!

We celebrate the 2nd birthday of sosrodzice.pl!

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Two years ago, in the minds of several young mothers, a need arose to create a new portal for parents: different from all others. A site that would enter a fairly homogeneous and predictable publishing market with character. This is how the sosrodzice.pl website was created. From the beginning, the goal was set: to publish bold articles, interesting views and reliable, sometimes ruthless product reviews for producers.


Sosrodzice.pl is created for readers who inspire, cheer and score us at every step. For two years, when we created the site from scratch, it visited us one and a half million users, the site has been viewed almost four million times ...

Hits and kits

For two years we managed to emerge over a hundred parental hits, products that we have carefully looked at and tested. Some of them were handed over to our children, we devoted more space to some, choosing to assess their usefulness and attractiveness by two or three parents-reviewers.

At the same time, we told about one hundred and eight parenting kitty, that is products, ideas, ideas that in our opinion deserve a negative assessment. Repeatedly, our reviews aroused vivid emotions and provoked comment from world-famous food concerns and pharmaceutical companies.

After a year of website operation, we decided to expand the site and select a section in which we present a review of "good", but not the best products, which are somewhere in between, between hits and kits.

Controversial Issues

For two years, apart from articles on guidance and basic knowledge, our experience and suggestions of experts in the field of childcare and upbringing, we have published articles on controversial topics covered by hundreds of Internet users. We did not shun from emotional subjects and issues that divide parents and do not allow indifference.

Mom, dad gadget

The market for children's products is full of innovative products: sometimes funny, sometimes amazing, and in other cases saving the lives of tired parents.
We report on all interesting gadgets, presenting them on the page: based on information from manufacturers.

Books for parents

How to find yourself in the thicket of books for parents? That is the question ... which we are constantly looking for answers. During the two years of operation of the site, we reviewed 114 items for parents. And we still have little ... We have also taken patronage of several interesting books.


The sosrodzice.pl website is also a website where you can find useful tools: pregnancy calendar, baby's first year calendar, fertile day calculator, maternity leave calculator, birth calculator and pregnancy day calculator. All tools are our own work, refined with readers, taking into account their needs and expectations.


After all, sosrodzice.pl is also competitions. Every month we announce fun for our readers on the website. For two years we organized over 40 competitions.
We encourage you to take part in two currently ongoing ones. In the first you can win great prizes founded by the MiniTraper.pl store and in the second one PLN 100 for shopping in the selected store.