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The power of associations

The power of associations

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The Internet is a meeting place for random people. It is widely known that he is governed by his own laws. A certain characteristic place online is the so-called fanpages, i.e. business cards of given companies and brands, visited not only by fans, but also people who like to "mix up" on their profiles.

The ClickCommunity agency noticed a photo posted to the site by people managing the BoboVita profile. The meaning is not so much as the photograph itself, the child soiled with yogurt, but the comments under it, resulting from explicit sexual associations: "exciting strawberry", "always with you, dad", "sausage and two eggs", "very nice picture - ideal for the internet abyss, "etc.

I wonder where such comments come from? Because for me, people who see a grimy child in an image of an erotic message are ... gently people with a problem. Even if such comments could be funny, they are not funny. It's good that the authors of the BoboVity profile have removed the controversial comments. However, the disgust remains.

On the other hand, it is a tip for people who manage Facebook profiles, especially as popular as the brand's website: a call for caution and predictability of certain behaviors. After all, a better picture could be chosen ...

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