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Thank you all for participating in the Lilla Lou competition. It's great that you have fun with fashion, have a desire and ideas on how to dress your kids.

We can distinguish five answers in the competition. We decided to reward the following people. Congratulations!

Winners will be contacted by e-mail.

How do I dress my child?
It's difficult for me to answer this question - because "fashionable" does not necessarily exclude "comfortably."
Of course, convenience always comes first. My son is three years old, he won't sit in one place for a while. That it must be comfortable, that's certain.
But on the other hand, as I said, comfortable can also be fashionable :)
I am not blindly chasing the creations from the catwalks of children's fashion shows, I do not succumb to the last craze for "hand-made" because I simply can't afford it. The task is additionally difficult, because Wojtek, as a child with his own opinion, categorically refuses to wear anything from jeans.
I don't think I have the right to impose on him what he doesn't like. That's why there is no jeans in the dresser with his clothes!
After all, I like the original, striking additions. I love seeing my son dressed like a little man, just like I love him in a short pajamas in a teddy bear.
Comfortable - for sure. Fashionably - it depends. But for sure - according to his taste!
Natalia Gil

When my daughter was born, I avoided pink clothes, lace, frills and sequins like fire. Little barbie's style was unacceptable to me and I couldn't imagine my child looking like a pink meringue. However, my daughter's life, and above all the taste and style, verified my views. At the age of 2, Antosia began to be interested in what she had in the wardrobe and chose the things she wanted to wear, protesting when I wanted to dress her "my own". It turned out that my daughter likes roses, frills and tinsel and that she is more likely to dress in dress than pants. I decided not to fight it and combine both styles. And so in Tosi's wardrobe appeared a black tutu skirt, red martens or a long gray coat. I can safely call our style a mixed combination, because it is a mix of styles that will allow my daughter to learn about different styles of dressing and developing her own individual way of dressing.
Aleksander Feja

My daughter is 12 years old and we go shopping together. When completing her wardrobe, her opinion counts for me. The daughter prefers a comfortable, yet fashionable style. He likes to wear pants, so he has a whole lot of them in different colors and from different fabrics and styles. T-shirts with colorful prints and applications.
He also loves hoodies, with or without a hood, with cartoon characters. In the more elegant version, it feels best in leggings and tunics. He also likes to wear colorful scarves and sports shoes. In general, I dress her colorful and neat.
Anna Szałek-Szałańska

My daughters value comfort above all. Non-binding dress makes it easier to "conquer" the world! However, they like the clothes to emphasize their character and draw attention. They love pastel colors, dots and stripes. We do not like applications from popular fairy tales. If the girls want T-shirts with a cat, they are, for example, T-shirts with a printed photo of our pet-red cat Alika. If the desires of the princesses then fabric pastels set in motion. No other girl at school will have such blouses! We like interesting accessories, e.g. funny laces will liven up completely ordinary sneakers, and funny buttons will add charm to an average blouse. If you are bored of smooth leggings, attach bows in polka dots, add a red flower to a gray sweater, and add pompoms to a boring hat!
In a word, boldly - but without too much weirdness, with imagination, colorful and ingenious because that's how childhood is!
Edyta Feliksiak

We like to be stylish, but we also value comfort! When the rain falls, my corcia pink elegant coat puts on, the umbrella takes in her hand and smiles gracefully.
When the sun shines in the sky right after a beautiful dress flies, then a blue or gray sweater and a sunglasses nose :-)
We dress up to the kindergarten, and we wear purple, white or yellow tights, set the denim skirt less often and we look super fashionable! We like different elements together - leggings, a jacket, a wool sweater, a vest, a tunic or shorts, we are not afraid because we have our own style! We also remember about hair and the hairstyle we put every morning - ponytails, braids, curls and colorful ribbons, elastic bands, hairpins - ah ... how will other girls look at us :-)
Monika Walczykowska