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Time for mom

Mediterranean diet - healthy for parents and children

Holidays, a wonderful time of the year when we travel, visit, and relax. Very often the direction of these expeditions are Italy, Croatia, Greece and other Mediterranean countries. For our organisms it is an excellent time, because most specialists consider the Mediterranean diet as a standard. Because a lot of research is available to confirm the beneficial effect of this type of nutrition on our heart and the entire circulatory system, it may be worth introducing it also after returning from vacation.
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This is how atopic skin can look - about suffering and impotence

AD is a skin disease with lightning power. It can take the form of several pimples, as well as extensive burning and itchy wounds. Atopic skin is sometimes responsible for insomnia, persistent need for scratching, which is difficult to compare with anything, withdrawal from contact with peers, shame, despair and disappointment ... Emotions accompanying the disease are as strong and painful as the changes that appear on the skin.
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Parent kitty

The child has no appetite? Well, Apetizer or Growan

There is a view that a healthy child eats exactly as much as he needs. The key word in this sentence is "healthy". And here is the problem, the inflammatory plane on which pharmaceutical companies feed - is the child sure he can assess how much he should eat. What if it's not healthy? If something bothers him in proper nutrition?
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Pregnancy / Childbirth

Hashimoto's disease often manifests during pregnancy

According to endocrinologists, as many as 22% of the population suffers from thyroid disease in Poland. The most common thyroid gland dysfunction is hypothyroidism, which currently affects approximately 1% of men and 5% of women. The main cause of this pathology is Hashimoto's disease, the incidence of which increases with age.
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Small child

When a speech therapist meets other specialists ...

There is so much talk lately about early, quick diagnosis and therapeutic intervention, about multidisciplinarity or interdisciplinarity, comprehensiveness, the need to coordinate the work of many specialists from various fields in a situation when something disturbing happens with a child. However, what I observe on my professional level is too late the first speech therapy visits, not small but quite large patients, far too late ENT or psychological diagnoses, and thus delayed, long-term therapy that burden the child and parents .
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Before you send your child to kindergarten ... Pre-school readiness

The last week of vacation is often a period of greater or less stress for parents of children debuting in kindergarten. There are doubts and anxieties about questions about the readiness of a few-year-old to go to kindergarten. Parents are worried about how the child will cope, whether it is "big" enough, how it will endure separation and new responsibilities.
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