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Pregnancy / Childbirth

Migraine in pregnancy - how to survive?

Headaches and migraines during pregnancy are very common. Many women experience them before they become pregnant. Some, when they are expecting a child, notice increased ailments (less often), while others are glad that painful migraines pass away during pregnancy (more often). It is estimated that 15% of future mothers experience migraine pains.
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Time for mom

Funny body for a child

Everyone has a different sense of humor. Manufacturers, however, stand up to the challenge, offering clothing for the child, which can meet the expectations of a more conservative parent and this definitely "laid back". Which of the following suggestions do you like? And everyone is happy ...
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Imagination games - partial summary and extension

As experienced designers, I now suggest a real test. We will try to combine the elements learned so far and ways of creating folk, creatures, animals and furniture. Namely, we will create our own unique THEATER. We will also make other elements of school layette, decorations for our desk, table or children's room walls.
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The latest promotions for children's products

Gerber baby dessert food - 125 grams, different flavors at PLN 2.49 instead of 3.10 in Auchan, Nan milk 800 grams at Tesco at PLN 2 for PLN 70 Hygienic accessories for baby diapers Pampers at Auchan at 34.94 PLN instead of 41.99 PLN, diapers Pampers Giant Box 126 pieces - 79.99 PLN instead of 93.99 PLN, Pampers 4 × 64 pieces 19.99 PLN, washing powder Jelp 2.24 kg in Kaufland for 29.99 zlotys instead of 37.99 zlotys, Other Auchan 27 promotion time.
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Small child

Baby sunblock creams

Which sunscreen for an infant or toddler will be the best? What should you pay attention to in order to be satisfied with your decision so that the cosmetic does not irritate the baby's very delicate skin? Below you will find some important information on this topic plus an overview of the most popular sunblock creams.
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